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July 10, 2018

Hello you lovely souls!

On today’s installment of Freaking Vegan! I’ll be answering the question “If you’re not passionate about animal rights, does it make sense to go vegan?” From M. 

I loveeeeee this question because so many people wonder this same exact thi...

June 22, 2018

Hello my loves!

Welcome to another installment of Freaking Vegan!

Today’s question is: “How the hell can I afford going vegan without going completely broke?”


A common phrase that is often used is “I would go vegan but It’s too expensive” my reply is...

June 8, 2018

HELLO WORLD It's ya girl Love Atiya.

Who's excited for my "Freakin Vegan" installments?!

I decided to name this chapter of my blog "Freakin vegan" because this phrase can and has been used in so many different ways!

Here are some examples.

Meat Eater: "Oh yeah... I forgot,...

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