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Save The Animals



I was born with the sole purpose to give love.


At the age of two I knew I was put on this earth to save animals. At the age of 9 I wrote my first petitions against deforestation & poaching and at the age of 12 i'd attended my first protest (ironically, I was the only one there protesting for the rights on a chimpanzee.)

I created this page as a way to expand my animal activism. I've done  ALMOST everything imaginable to save animals. From sneaking behind the circus tent to film animal abuse, to attending anti fur protests outside of Macys on 34th st in NYC, to sitting in a dog cage in below freezing weather to fight against dog breeding... the list is endless...

However, people can be cruel and at times, self protection is needed. Although my protest attendance has become limited, my yearning to help animals has never ceased. 

Below are catorgories regarding some animal issues that I am extremely passionate about. Each page will include the issues the animals face, documentaries where you can learn more information & ways to help.

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey of LOVE, EMPATHY & COMPASSION.

with love atiya


Dolphin Encounters
Elephant Riding
Tiger Encounters
Animal Testing
The Fur Industry
Going Vegan
Bird Abuse (Uncage Them)
Dog Fighting & Breeding
The Vanishing of Bees
Horse Carriages
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