Freakin Vegan: Do Vegans Run Out Of Food Options?

HELLO WORLD It's ya girl Love Atiya.

Who's excited for my "Freakin Vegan" installments?!

I decided to name this chapter of my blog "Freakin vegan" because this phrase can and has been used in so many different ways!

Here are some examples.

Meat Eater: "Oh yeah... I forgot, you're one of those freaking vegans"


For some reason, some people love to hate vegans, while others want to learn to love vegans and possibly even transition into veganism but they're just too scared and are full of questions that they never get the chance to ask.

Is veganism a cult? What about your protein, HOW DO YOU GET IT?!, Are fish animals? There are endless amounts of questions that are completely normal to consider (except for the protein thing because we never gave a damn about that when we were eating meat) BUT I DIGRESS!

I am here to answer some questions from my point of view and dispel some major myths that could discourage people from trying to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

The best part about this blog is ALL OF THE QUESTIONS ARE FROM YOU, someone like you or someone completely opposite of you!

And the answers are coming from me, a 23 year old black female vegan. I say that to say, there are so many endless possibilities and answers and truths about veganism so please keep in mind that once again, THIS IS FROM MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE & EXPERIENCE. I am not perfect, I am still learning but I promise to be as transparent as possible.

Will all that being said, let's get started!

Today's question comes from G (I'm going to use nicknames just in case the question askers want to remain anonymous)

Q. Do You Run Out Of Meal Ideas Or Feel Limited With Your Options.


The answer is definitely NO!

Veganism has actually opened my eyes to all of the other kinds of foods there are out there!

My diet went from American with the occasional Caribbean or Latin dish to a completely international diet!

I’ll never forget the first anti circus protest that I did as an employee for P.E.T.A (People for the ethical treatment of animals) in Chicago. The first night of our trip we went to a mediterranean restaurant. I was not happy about it at all, I was STARVING and figured I’d just eat the pita bread.

Luckily the person I went with knew exactly what to order. We had these garlic & herb potatoes, hummus, pita bread, some of the best falafel I had ever had (It was my first time trying it) and some other delicious vegan options I can’t quite remember right now.


I used to say I didn’t like mushy things…..but now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HUMMUS and that’s as mushy as you can get. When I was a meat eater, maybe that statement was true but taste buds change and so do we!

Thai & Indian cuisine also offers some AMAZING vegan options.

Italian and African are great as long as you don’t get anything cheesy or meaty (obviously! but beware because butter is probably used)

My point is, you’d be SHOCKED at how many more options you have when working on your vegan diet.

I also LOVE the fact that I can veganise ALLLLLL OF MY FAVORITE MEALS.

When I first moved to Atlanta I was living off of a college student diet. Pizza, wings, pizza...more wings… and the more I ate it the more fake the wings started to taste and the more bloated my tummy was getting.

After deciding to be a pescatarian (That’s a whole other story) and after one too many failed attempts at cooking meatless meals (I never cooked actual meat back in NYC anyway so I don’t know why cooking vegan meals was so hard for me…..probably because I was overthinking it) I decided to try to make a vegan soul food meal.

I made collard greens, candied yams, vegan crusted “chicken”, vegan cornbread and mac and cheese……… I can literally taste and smell it as I’m typing.

It smelled so good that my roommate who hated me and everything I did even asked me for some!

I couldn’t believe that I could veganize mac and cheese?! I couldn’t believe that the collard greens tasted just as good without the neckbone!!! And the candied yams were AMAZING with the organic brown sugar and vegan butter!

I started veganizing ALL of my favorite meals… meals that I never even cooked when I was in NY (tbt when I was relying on mom’s cooking.)

I made bbq meatballs with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts, vegan baked ziti, vegan desserts, I even tried to make vegan tuna salad (I’m still working on it.)

My point is, you can literally turn your favorite dish into a healthy, vegan-styled long as your favorite meal isn’t pork chops because then I really don’t know what to tell you don’t need to be eating the chop of a pork anyway LMAO #FindANewFavoriteFood

BUT I will say, a sad sad reality, is it is SO DAMN HARD to find healthy vegan fast food when you’re on the go.

Mcdonalds fries are cooked with beef fat, beef flavoring and milk. Wendy’s and burger king have vegan fries but who really wants to eat that every other day? The salads are all already pre made with chicken and if they aren’t, they’re GMO’d (genetically modified) up to wazoo!

I find peace when I bring my own food or snacks places. Sometimes eating is hard because who really feels like meal prepping their whole life… but I’d rather have to do more work to stay healthy than eat what’s out there and have to work to get myself unsick.

Long story short.

No, I don’t run out of food ideas but I do feel limited when I’m out. I wish there was an Arden's Garden (google them, they’re so dope and have the best kale and vegan tuna salads) on every corner.


Your girl is working on something major that i’ll reveal to the public soon.

Until then I’ll write another blog on some good vegan snacks to carry with you or keep in your car as well as my favorite “close to as healthy as I can get” meals from your favorite fast food joints.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for another installment of FREAKING VEGAN!

Oh and shoutouts to G for starting us off with this GREAT question!

Xoxo to you all

Love Atiya

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