Freaking Vegan: How The Hell Can I Afford Veganism Without Going Broke?

Hello my loves!

Welcome to another installment of Freaking Vegan!

Today’s question is: “How the hell can I afford going vegan without going completely broke?”


A common phrase that is often used is “I would go vegan but It’s too expensive” my reply is usually “So are hospital bills.”

Believe me, “the man” has set the world up to work perfectly in his favor.

“Let’s make food with 0 nutritional value very cheap and let’s hike up the prices of organic food. That’ll hurt em!”

The goal is to make you sick and keep you sick. I’m sure most of us know this but it doesn’t make it right!

I’ve gone to the store and saw a big bright GMO (genetically modified organism) Avocado for .99 but a smaller less bright organic Avocado for $2.00.

That would be discouraging to anyone!


I PRIDE myself on how well I can find a sale. I call myself “Saletiya” one else calls me that but I like it so yolo.

Anyways...for example, there’s a store in Georgia called “Sprouts farmers market.”

Sprouts has a MAJOR sale EVERY Wednesday and Sunday.

Whole foods (specifically their produce) is actually now less expensive than most well known grocery stores and they often host sales as well (you receive extra offers if you’re an amazon prime member)

Aldi has every option you need for an UNBEATABLE PRICE! They don’t carry any major brands but I think that’s AMAZING.

A co worker put me onto food shopping online as well on

Last but not least a friend told me about this company called “brandless” you HAVE to google them! They have organic coconut oil for $3 (I was shooketh.)

I remember, one day I was in a regular supermarket and I saw a sign that said a carton of a dozen eggs were .97 and they had beef on sale for $3.00! I never shopped for raw meat before even when I was a meat eater but I imagined it would cost at least $7.00 for a life! Damn!

That was the day I realized just how far “they’d” go to sell poison!

So, to answer this question directly, veganism can be very inexpensive!

Canned Organic Beans of any kind (lima, pinto, garbanzo, lentil, black eyed) never cost more than $3.00 and Raw bags of beans (that can be used for at least three separate meals and last FOREVER) are usually around the same price.

Organic fruits and vegetables can also be inexpensive in Whole foods, Aldi Sprouts, Ideal (for my new yorkers), Key food (But I don’t know how organic their stuff really is) and Trader joes are good spots to find healthy organic fruit.

I also just learned that farmers market have some of THE BEST and inexpensive fruit (I’m going to start shopping there for my fruit but I know it’s not always the easiest to get to one.)

Organic potatoes and onions are usually around $3.00 or less for a bag and those can also be used to make several different meals over time.

Organic mushrooms are usually around $2.50 at Trader Joes and Whole foods.

….now when it comes to vegan meat substitutes THAT’S WHEN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT CAN GET EATEN. I often find great sales in Sevenanda in Atlanta, Ga which is a black owned and community run health food store. They’re meat subs which are usually between 5.99 & 4.99 are on sale for 3.99.

Pasta of any kind is literally 99 cent. Whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.

The same goes for this vegan bread that I buy at Krogers! It’s ALWAYS on sale for 1.88 and they have super healthy options like Flax seed bread and VEGAN SWEET HAWAIIAN BREAD! (when I find the brand name i’ll share it on my instagram.)

So, in conclusion, I hope that this put your heart a bit at ease when it comes to veganism and not breaking the bank.

Many of us, including myself are working on a college student budget and it takes a lot of courage to pay $7.99 for a salad when they’re selling fries across the street 2 for $2.00.

I save a lot of money when I cook a big pot of something like pasta with veggies or curry with potatoes and bring it with me when I go out.

Eating out can SUCK UP whatever pocket change we have, so that’s another thing to beware of.

I hope that this helps you and anyone else reading this.

I promise, once you get the hang of it, veganism is so easy my loves.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for another installment of FREAKING VEGAN!

Oh and shoutouts to J for this GREAT question!

Xoxo to you all

Love Atiya

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