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"extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world."

Ethereal By Love Atiya Vegan Handmade Skin Care

About Us

Ethereal By Love Atiya is a vegan & cruelty free all natural self care company, created to enhance your relationship with yourself and with self care.


Ethereal was born in August 2019 with the launch of my signature hair growth oil “Ethereal Hair Growth Oil.” 


The formula was originally inspired by my edges balding when I was 17 years old, thanks to a bad weave installation. This hair trauma forced me to love myself a lot more through the process and focus on how to heal myself naturally.


Every new handmade Ethereal product is inspired by either a need of my own or a need of a beautiful soul like YOU. 


One thing I pride myself on is that my products truly do heal. This is thanks to months and months of extensive research and (animalless) testing I do before premiering each product.


Ethereal By Love Atiya was created to help you grow in love with yourself & enhance your inner confidence while nourishing and healing your scalp, hair and skin.

​Whether you’re trying to grow your hair, heal acne scars, love yourself a little (or a lot) more, grow your self confidence, maintain a healthy scalp or begin a healthy self care routine, Ethereal by Love Atiya was created for YOU.

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