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Copy of Copy of The Love Atiya Experience Podcast (Square) (TikTok Story) (Flyer (5.5 × 8.

Welcome to The Love Atiya Experience Podcast, your safe space to talk and learn about all things TABOO! Are you ready for a wild experience?

First, a little bit about me.

My mom surprised me and brought me my first vibrator when I was 16 years old. I “lost” but really SHARED my virginity when I was 24, I’m a pleasure positive animal activist and am best known for my quirky and transparent sex education content.

In my podcast we unpack and educate ourselves on all sorts of topics such as  “Is squirting really just urination?”, “The best sex toys for beginners”, “What SHOULD my vagina/vulva smell like”, “Why do we dissociate during sex?”, “Signs you're dating a narcissist” and that’s just to name a few.

If sex and pleasure isn’t your thing, no worries! Sex won't be the only thing we're talking about because ya girl has lived a WILD life that I cannot WAIT to unpack with you all. 

From being Catfished, to being homeschooled for 12 years, to being chased down the street by an elephant trainer at a circus protest…the stories are ENDLESS.

So whether you’re looking to love yourself more, looking for the big sister you've always wanted, looking to learn to love someone else or to learn how to squirt or make your partner squirt… You have found my safe space. Welcome to The Love Atiya Experience

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