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 I  am Love Atiya and I love all things sex, pleasure & self love. Allow me to help you love yourself a little more than you did before starting this experience and Yes, THIS is a whole experience.

From oral sex chats to sex toy suggestions & naughty confessions, you can expect it ALL from the Love Atiya Experience.

Being a virgin for 24 years & healing for a toxic relationship helped launch me full throttle into my journey to find myself sexually & emotionally.

The first step was going to therapy and learning how to love myself a lot more.After many sessions with an AMAZING therapist (continually), learning that I often dissociated during sex, setting boundaries, working on healing past traumas & creating a hair and skin care business (Ethereal By Love Atiya) to boost my self care habits; I began to fall in love with myself.

The fun really began when I was 16 and my mom brought me my own vibrator.Her mission was to inspire me to teach myself what pleasure was before anyone else could… we’ll talk more about that with her on here!And now after several sex toys, a viral TikTok video and many, many orgasms we are HERE.And sex won't be the only thing we're talking about because I have lived a WILD life that I cannot WAIT to unpack!

So whether you’re looking to love yourself more, looking for the big sister you've always wanted, looking to learn to love someone else, learn how to squirt or how to make your partner squirt… You have found your safe space.Welcome to The Love Atiya Experience

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