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My family and I used to visit the circus all the time. Specially Universoul Circus. 

Yet, even as a child I'd get anxiety every time the animals would come out to perform.

I'd want the audience to quiet down when the elephants would come out because I didn't want them to be scared. The elephants would be so nervous that they'd defecate on stage in a trash can. 

My anxiety was the highest when the tigers would come out. I'd pray they'd do every trick so that they wouldn't get hit with the whip and would feel every single hit that they took. I'd often have to close my eyes.

During one Universoul Show I attended with a day care I was working with, I saw a white tiger in a small glass cage sitting near the concession stands. The cage was so small that the tiger couldn't even stand up! He'd just been placed there to be viewed as attendees went to relieve themselves.

I watched the documentary "An apology to elephants" on HBO narirated by one of my favorite virgos Lily Tomlin and fell in love with the notion that I too, could do something to help these amazing and gentle creatures.

At the age of 18 I attended my first anti circus protest and at the age of 19 I organized 9 of my own protests in my neighborhood against the Universoul Circus.

After writing letters, protesting outside of the Ringling Brothers Circus in the freezing cold, meeting with city officials, making documentaries and attending several other protests, Wild Animal Acts were finally banned in New York City and the Ringling Brothers Circus went out of business.

Unfortunately Ringling is still using the elephants they've bred and own at their breeding & testing facility. Supposedly the elephants are being used for "Cancer Research." Please read below to see how YOU can continue to help and protect these animals. 


Tigers are declawed and have their teeth shaved.

Similar to the inhumane practice done to domesticated cats, Tigers that perform in the circus go through a medical procedure in which it's claws are removed from the knuckle. This is done so that the tiger doesn't cause harm to the trainer.

Tigers teeth are also shaved down, again so that it doesn't retaliate after being starved and beaten.

Circus animals are starved.

In order for the animals to perform for their treats, circus animals are not fed prior to their 3 hour show.

Elephants are stolen from their mothers.

Elephants are often captured as babies so that they're "easier" to break.


Animals have DIED. 

Hundreds of animals have died in the care of circus trainers including the popular Ringling Brothers Circus which has over 100 documented deaths.

One of which being a baby elephant who was taken away from his mother "prematurely" limiting it from her breast milk, making it weak and eventually dying while being trained to stand on its weak legs.


Animals are BROKEN during training.

All circus animals go through a period of breaking the animal where the trailer instils endless abuse on the animal while literally maneuvering it's body with ropes and harnesses.

Circus animals spend 97% of their lives confined.

Whether in transportation, in chains or in their cages. Circus animals spend the other 3% of their "freedom" on stage or training.

Circuses LIE & Misinform.

Universoul Circus claims to have African elephants when in fact their elephants are ASIAN elephants (much smaller and more docile creatures.)

Elephants tusks are shaved or removed.

Circus elephants tusks are shaved or removed to protect their trainers.

Circus animals lose their minds.

Swaying, bobbing, pacing & rocking are all signs of stress, anxiety or insanity.

Many circus-goers believe the animals are dancing when in fact, these are the ONLY movements the animals are able to do when their caged or chained.

What can you do to help?

Boycott all circuses & animal encounters.

Share The Information with a friend or family member.

Practice compassion and empathy.


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