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Happpppy July Love Bugs!

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through such a pleasure filled year!

This month is all about SEX TOYS!

If you don’t know by now, I am in the process of starting my own sex toy and sexual wellness company and am learning SO MUCH but there’s a missing link and that’s YOU!

Your opinion is valid and necessary for me to be able to produce high quality sexual wellness products so I've conducted a few tests via social media & my patreon (see my linktree for all of my accounts) and I'd love for you to participate!

So when you have the time, head over to my patreon and place your votes today! Let’s get interactive!

Now since we’re on the topic of sex toys I want to give a shoutout to my three favorite sex toys which are my favorite for all different kinds of reasons.

Now it was SO HARD to narrow these down but these toys guarantee me to have a super satisfactory and intimate time with myself and all three toys have taught me new things that my body is capable of doing.

If you like suction and vibration THE NAMII is your toy! I have a full review on my blog (warning it is EXPLICIT) and references squirting for those who are curious.

If you like a simple toy with (usually) two settings and a powerful vibration THE MAGIC WAND is your boo. Check out my social media to see the reviews for the magic wand micro!

And if you like penetrative and external stimulation with a soft silicone toy then THE WE VIBE NOVA 2 is your baby. This was the first toy to help me achieve a climax with penetration by myself. This toy can also be controlled by your partner from across the world via an app which is mind blowing.

All of these can be found at my favorite black owned adult intimacy shop SHOPSEDURE.COM And you can use the code LOVEATIYA to get 15% off

What are your three favorite toys or are you more of a hands kinda human? Whatever your preference is, I wish you a magical and orgasmic summer.


Love Atiya

USE THE CODE: LOVEATIYA for 15% off your sex toy purchase from


The Snail Vibe (Intermediate/Advanced)

The We Vibe (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Namii by Biird Pictured Above (Intermediate)

The Com By Dame (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Vibe Pad 2 (Intermediate/Advanced)


Listening to my sex positive podcast is like listening to your best friend's hour long voicenote. The Love Atiya Experience is definitely an EXPERIENCE.


Featuring episodes:

  • P*ssy Funk & What Your Vulva Odor Means | Dating App Horror Stories

  • The Time He Rushed Me To Cum, Mutual Masterbation Gone WRONG

  • If Your Boo Doesn’t Turn Your Body On | What Is Reactive Abuse | Celibacy Tips


You can click the link above to enjoy all of my podcast shenanigans.


I'm sure this is the main reason why most of you have signed up for my email blast! MY PLEASURE POSITIVE ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC MUSICAL PLAYLIST! These playlists feature all of my favorite songs to masturbate to, plus a few suggestions from some of you beautiful souls! The spotify playlist features my top 50 songs of the month and the apple playlist and PDF playlist will be updated monthly so stay tuned for next months email which will feature brand new suggestions!


Stay Tuned For Next Months Edition + Pleasure Tips.



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