Love Atiya's Guide to Growing Through Mercury Retrograde

My new years resolution for 2017 to learn how to “go with the flow”.

I was so gung ho for going with the flow…………and then……….plans started changing, communication got bad, I was anxious 24/7, weird unfortunate events started taking place, technology started acting ALL THE WAY UP!

And then I realized…

Mercury is in RETROGRADE!

For those of you who don’t feel like goggling what exactly “Mercury Retrograde” is, I’ll explain it to you in a very “Atiya” kind of way.

When mercury (the planet) is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards…BUT IT’S NOT!

Every time mercury is in retrograde, communication seems to SUCK no matter how hard you try, which is extremely tough for Virgos because our planet is RULED by communication!

Now, with mercury in retrograde, plans get all jacked up and your technology goes on the fritz! It also messes with the clarity of your thoughts.

For the past three weeks I’ve been anxious, moody, EXTRA sensitive, overwhelmed, my body’s been sore and my chest feels so heavy!


Don’t get me wrong, mercury retrograde can severely take a toll on our every day lives while it’s in affect…but that still doesn’t explain why it feels I’ve been PMSing for an entire month.

For the men who don’t know what “PMS” is…….just google it.

But I know I cannot be the only child of the universe who is so tired of letting universal and worldly changes get to them.

I know that the universe has divine timing and mercury became in retrograde the moment I declared that I was going to practice going with the flow. Subconsiously the universe probably triggered the thoughts of “going with the flow” in my mind, knowing that the retrograde was approaching.

I’m tired of trying to “survive” and “get through” things… so I’ve decided to write down a few things that can help assist me and you in going with this universal flow.

1. Sage every morning.

Sage your body, room, house, pet, plants…ERRRRthang!

2. Meditate.

I recommend Londrelle or Deepak Chopra Meditations. I even enjoy meditating to “Spa meditation music” on Pandora! It doesn’t have to be for long but stillness is very helpful.

3. Practice reacting less.

People aren’t aware of the impact of their words on any given day….but they ESPECIALLY are NOT aware of how WRONG what they say can come across during mercury retrograde.

4. Read and recite positive affirmations.

With the cloudy mind that mercury retrograde brings, it’s the perfect time for negative thoughts to creep in your mind and whisper “you aren’t good enough” or “you’re doing this wrong” … Sometimes I literally walk down the street screaming in my mind “I AM GREAT!!!!! I AM DOING MY BEST! I AM PEACEFUL!!!”…

I’m not saying it’s the MOST sane thing to do….but sometimes it helps! J we scream negative things at ourselves all the time so why not at least make the screaming positive?!

5. Take breaks from technology.

We need to do this on a daily basis every day honestly.

6. Breathe.

When the positive affirmations don’t work and everything just feels like it’s going wrong, breathe! It’s free and you can do it ANYWHERE!

7. Forgive yourself.

Something I struggle with but I know that it will feel like second nature soon enough.

8. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Remember that we are ALL going through this.

Mercury retrograde is teaching us how to take care or ourselves. This is a very personal time for us.

I used to look forward to mercury retrograde because at least if things were going wrong, I had something to blame.

Now I see, that’s not the case!

Mercury is teaching me how to be accountable for my life and the way I feel.

We’re all in charge of our own lives but then again we arent! It’s kinda cray. Idk I’m still figuring it out. The universe assists us with lessons but I feel like it’s up to us to live good lives.

So this is my letter to mercury,

“Dear Mercury,

Thank you.

I’ve been waiting for you,

No more fighting against you,

Only flowing with you,

I am grateful for the lessons,

I am so excited to continue to learn.”

Xoxo Love Atiya

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