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How Ethereal Hair Growth Oil Grew My Edges Back + Hair Growth Tips

Many of you know the story by now, my first born "Ethereal Hair Growth Oil" was created from the mere trauma of having my edges ripped out of my scalp when I was 17 years old, thanks to a bad weave and a beautician who didn't know what she was doing (I give her grace... especially since the trauma she caused helped me launch my business.)

Not only did I learn how to allow the earth to help me heal my hair but the earth also helped me heal my confidence.

At the age of 17 I mixed all natural oils and made many concoctions in my room until I found the PERFECT recipe and shortly after moving to Atlanta, I launched my oil for the public to enjoy! You can check out my testimonial page to see some super amazing reviews.

My goal with my hair oil was to 1. keep the recipe simple! 2. keep the recipe VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & ALL NATURAL 3. To help my community see just how healing the earth can be when we respect and take care of it (the earth) and ourselves! and finally, although the list is honestly endless, I wanted to create products that WORKED and that helped everyone who used it gain the same confidence boost that I gained many years ago.


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