Do You Fall In Love Way Too Fast?

89 Reasons Why I'm Single: Special Virgo Edition

3. I Rush The Process

I'm a Virgo.

I definitely believe in astrology.

I get ecstatic when I meet a fellow Virgo.

I believe that we're truly special. Sometimes I'll be on set and I can point out the virgos in the room.

On this journey of learning about myself, I've learned that I love differently then people. I call it "loving harder" but I'm sure there are other signs who love a lot & love hard.

I believe that other virgos fall really fast as well, or at least that's what I convinced myself. It's a running joke with my friends. A majority, actually mostly all of the virgo’s that I know, are in relationships. Not just any ol relationship. LONG TERM relationships.

I didn't say fall in "love" because I believe sometimes we fall heavy in a couple of ways. We fall in love, we fall in lust, we fall into an infatuation, we fall into feelings, we even fall for possibility.

There were times I thought I loved a guy and I was truly just infatuated... or gassy lol Once I belched, the feelings that I thought were love, just vanished! LOL

In my instance, after conversing with inner me, I realized that I get attached fast for a specific reason.

I consider myself a hopeful romantic, as suppose to hopeless.

Therefor when I meet a guy and he's really nice, my mind starts working & I pray he's the one, not because I like him a lot but because I never really get past the "like" stage.

So although I talked about having fears of commitment in my other blog, that doesn't mean I don't still desire a companion.

I believe I "fall fast" to rush the process. I've never been in a committed relationship as you know. My longest ordeal in a consistent situationship was 7 months. Everyone else was too off and on to even count!

In my head it's "time is of the essence so let me enjoy him while I have him".

So I pick out all of the good parts of him and make excuses for all the parts that are no good for me.

I like to think of myself as a loving person but I want to BE love.

The other day my friend and I were talking over the phone and she said "I'm so happy we aren't like those girls who fall in love in three weeks"

I was on the other end of the phone like:

"Yeah Girl....... Fall in love in three weeks? Can't relate" (Please read that as awkwardly as possible)

I've only been in love one time... but I won't really know if I was really in love, until I truly fall in love. Even after reading that sentence i'm like....nahhhh I actually DON'T think I was IN love...

Idk if that makes sense..

But I can admit that I loved him fast. (this will make sense if you believe there's a difference between loving someone and being IN love with someone).

Now I will say that guys know JUST what to say to me. It's obvious that I'm not like any girl they've ever experienced before. They talk just right but they haven't mastered how to make their actions match their words.

I decided to split this up into two blogs so click over to 89 Reasons Why I'm Single #4... It's kinda a continuation, kinda it's own thing... Whatever, just enjoy.

Also feel free to leave your comments, reflections and thoughts in my comments.

I love you.


Love Atiya

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