An Introduction To Love Atiya

What is Love Atiya?

...The joys of branding.

Happy new year! Or maybe it's still 2016?

Who knows when I'll end up posting this.

I decided to start my blog over for a few reasons!

1. Technical difficulties

2. Atiya loves fresh starts

3. I want to start a routine of posting my blogs on a specific day... I'm thinking Monday. No one really likes mondays so why not give you something to look forward to!

4. Branding reasons

Don’t worry! You can catch up on all of my previous blogs on here too! I’ll be reposting them on here as well.

Okay….you ready to dive in head first into the mind of Atiya?!

Well, In 2015 right before I moved to pursue my acting career, my mom made me business cards and we created a business email for acting purposes.

Boy let me tell you, branding can be a PAIN!

As an artist you really have to choose if you want to be yourself and if not, who do you want to be?!

I had to think about things like; did I want to curse on social media? Is that something I want to be affiliated with my brand?!

The self discovery was REAL! I had to decide just how much of me I wanted to be associated with my brand.

BUT FIRST….. I had to figure out who exactly Atiya was/is!

I finally realized that my brand is that I am finding myself!

I’ve decided to give the world a personal invitation to the experience of watching me have life discoveries and daily epiphanies.

I came up with the name "Love Atiya" for a few reasons.

1. I can sign my name as LA when I get really famous and “Love Atiya” becomes just too much to sign...

I think “LA” is so cute, I really like those letters in general.

It's also where I originally wanted to move (Los Angeles) (although I believe not moving there was one of the best decisions I've made).

The second reason is, in 2015, I was in a "situationship" with someone & I felt like I spent most of my time craving... practically begging for love!

After time passed and wounds began to heal I realized, the love I was craving so bad, was a love I should've been giving to myself the entire time!

So 2016 began the year I made the commitment to find self love. Love for myself, from myself.

I also wanted to promote love!

My generation has become so obsessed with NOT loving. We have somehow made loving an intolerable act. To us, love is annoying, a pain, it’s stress.

But that isn't true at all.

Love is resilient and wise. Love is forgiving and true love is unconditional.

By naming my brand "Love Atiya" I am giving you permission to love me, which is something I've been holding back for a while (you can read more about that in my newest installment of 89 reasons why I'm single).

Now when you email me, you send me love. When you tag me on Instagram, I feel the love. My mom says when she tags me in stuff on Facebook it now says "would you like to tag love?"

I haven't mastered love. Unconditional love still terrifies me.

I've actually just recently become acquainted with it.

Every day I feel my views of love shifting, I hope that by showing my courage to learn to embrace being love, you're motivated to do the same.

I cannot wait to bring you along my 2017 journey.


Love Atiya

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