How To Live Your Best Life Lesson 1

Lesson One:

Stop giving a f**k about what people think.


Peoples thoughts fluctuate almost as much as gas prices. No one really knows what they think. Well super enlightened people do but they understand that the thoughts aren’t really theirs to begin with. That’s a whole other topic though.

Have you ever seen a person comment under someone’s Facebook post and people attack the person for being snarky but the person SWEARS they were being genuine with absolutely 0 snark.

The people who attacked that commenter, attacked them because prior to that moment, they decided that person was angry and was being petty.... but thats untrue. So in reality it’s really just them projecting their own junk/negative thinking on to the person.

After the commenter pleads their case, the attackers are usually so stuck on being convinced that this person is mad, there’s no changing their mind. You are now a snarky person whether you like it or not.

Which leads to the point that no matter what you do, people are always going to think what they want to think about you.

Crazy right? They have entire opinions based on certain actions they may have seen you do or actions you haven’t done (or at least they think you haven’t.)

So how can we just stop caring about what other people think?

We practice, we just practice.

And we also keep in mind that NO ONE KNOWS WTF THEY ARE DOING! No one! We are all faking it, some are just better than others.

If you’re in the moment and you “do you” and someone thinks “ewww look at her/him doing them” doesn’t that sound more like a hater than someone who’s opinions and thoughts you should care about?

I’m truly working on this... I’m even working on taking it a step further and not caring if people LIKE me.

Have you ever found yourself doing things for people because you felt like if you didn’t do it they wouldn’t like you anymore?

That’s called voluntary emotional blackmail and a fake materialistic connection in which you will definitely end up feeling depleted and unworthy.

It’s also helpful to spend time around like minded people, people who you can be yourself around, people who are on a similar journey.

Here’s a quiz:

You want to stand on a ledge in the park and sing your heart out because you feel the utmost joy but you’re afraid the people sitting on the bench will judge you.

Do you, start singing in-spite of those people and in honor of yourself and your happiness. You aren’t bothering anyone and you don’t even have to be that loud.

Or do you sit quietly, hoping someone may ask you about your joy or ask you to sing for them. Do you sit wishing you had the courage to sing but don’t want people to think you can’t?

I’m still working on this, it truly depends who I’m around.

But soon, while practicing living my best life, I know that the universe will assist me with good energy to surround me and the courage to be myself a express my love around those who aren’t receptive to the courage it takes to be free, happy and love.

I hope you all enjoyed this read Felicia’s!

I’m so glad to be back!

Stay tuned for more blogs and don’t forget to subscribe to my email updates!

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