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Masturbation & Music Videos | JANUARY 2024


Why do I feel like this new year is giving “we are about to have the best time sexually” energy?!

Whether you’re “celibate” like me, celibate celibate (like the “no masturbation” kind), somewhat sexually active or SUPER sexually active, I'm manifesting we ALL experience some form of pleasure this year.

When I talk about pleasure, I don’t mean sex per say. I mean pleasure in the kind of joy you feel when you create, the kind of pleasure you feel when you dance or work out, the kind of sensations you feel when you have healthy and positive people around you pouring into you.

If you are looking for pleasure tips in the form of masturbation or playing with a partner, then you have come to the right place. 

If you’re looking for pleasure tips that can contribute to your healing then you have also come to the right place.

I want us to get connected into our bodies and if you’re already connected then I'd love to help you form an even DEEPER connection.

Now…. I’d like to introduce MY PATREON! It’s a safe space (outside of my podcast) where I can get to know you, your wants and your needs a bit better.

Keeping up with instagram DM’s is hard, I hate when I miss a message or see that someone sent me a message two years ago asking for advice and knowing I didn’t have the time to be able to reply because you know…. Life! Or I simply overlooked it because ya know… Instagram LOL

That’s why I decided to make this patreon. Here we’ll have monthly slumber parties, fun personal and intimate chats, you’ll have access to The Love Club, i’ll read old notes I wrote to my previous sexual partners, you’ll see my secret stories that are just TOO MUCH for the podcast mainstream to handle and MORE.

Now let’s dive into the pleasure tip of the month. This tip is actually in honor of our very first pleasure tip last year which was “masturbate to music” but THIS TIME I highly recommend masturbating to music VIDEOS.

Pick your favorite artist, your favorite song and let it rip. There’s this ONE music video that has me in a chokehold right now that really gets me going.

If you’re like me and have crushes FOR DAYS then this is the perfect tip for you.

Sometimes porn just doesn’t do it for me because it feels too staged or performative but there’s a certain kind of energy you can get when watching your favorite artist theatrically act out their creativity to your favorite song.

I’m sure this can be done to movies as well but I've never tried it so I'll give it a shot and let ya know but THE TIP OF THE MONTH IS… Enjoy a happy orgasm while watching your favorite music video line up.

Stay tuned for another tantalizing email next month. 

I love you to the moon.

Xoxo Love Atiya

USE THE CODE: LOVEATIYA for 15% off your sex toy purchase from


The Snail Vibe (Intermediate/Advanced)

The We Vibe (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Namii by Biird Pictured Above (Intermediate)

The Com By Dame (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Vibe Pad 2 (Intermediate/Advanced)


Listening to my sex positive podcast is like listening to your best friend's hour long voicenote. The Love Atiya Experience is definitely an EXPERIENCE.


Let's talk about sex baby (and growth, and our mental health and share some stories!)


You can click the link above to enjoy all of my podcast shenanigans.


I'm sure this is the main reason why most of you have signed up for my email blast! MY PLEASURE POSITIVE ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC MUSICAL PLAYLIST! These playlists feature all of my favorite songs to masturbate to, plus a few suggestions from some of you beautiful souls! The spotify playlist features my top 50 songs of the month and the apple playlist and PDF playlist will be updated monthly so stay tuned for next months email which will feature brand new suggestions!


Stay Tuned For Next Months Edition + Pleasure Tips.



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