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What Is Mutual Gratification? | June 2024

Happy June babes!

I HAD SO MUCH MF FUN AT OUR SLEEPOVER LAST MAY! Shoutout to all of my love bugs/patrons who attended it was truly such a blast. If you want to attend the next slumber party click here to JOIN THE LOVE CLUB.

Now today’s chat is going to be about mutual gratification.

What is mutual gratification?

  1. sexual activity in which two individuals stimulate each other’s genitals at the same time for the purpose of sexual gratification. This is more properly considered a type of petting behavior, as masturbation is defined as self-stimulation.

  1. sexual activity in which two or more individuals stimulate their own genitals while jointly viewing erotic materials.

To clarify, for the second definition, erotic materials don’t need to be consumed in order for you to efficiently mutually masturbate. I prefer that my partner and I have all of each other's attention.

Mutual gratification also known as mutual masturbation can be AMAZING for sooooo many different kinds of people.

  1. People like me who are celibate but still enjoy intimacy.

  2. People who don’t like to be touched but enjoy touching themselves.

  3. People in long distance relationships who want to experience intimacy

Honestly the list can go on and on.

Mutual masturbation is great because if you’re watching your partner please THEMSELVES it’s an amazing way to get to know what feels good to them & what brings them pleasure.

Put your thing down flip it and reverse that theory and it can be a great way for your partner to learn what YOU like and what brings YOU pleasure.

As you can see there are two different forms of mutual masturbation. The kind where you touch your partner and they touch you (without the penetration of genitals but fingers may be included depending on you and your partner's preferences) 


The kind where you both touch yourselves and watch each other as you please yourself.

I also recommend including breakwork and sensate touch into this practice as this can help you connect with your partner and calm down some of the (normal) nervousness & butterflies.

Personally I love the version where I don’t have to touch my partner because it simply takes the pressure off and allows me to do EXACTLY what I need to do to make myself feel good while getting aroused from watching my partner pleasure themselves.

Do you have a preference?


You cannot mutually masturbate with everyone!!! I have a story on the FIRST episode of my podcast where I talk about mutual masturbation gone WRONG.

  • I was rushed to orgasm by the person I was in the act with.

  • Shamed because of how long it took me to orgasm.

  • Set a boundary and had that boundary broken.

Self pleasure is SACRED and should only be shared with people you feel completely safe around and TRUST. Please remember this or you can traumatize yourself away from something that can normally be a really beneficial and fun experience.

I hope this helped expand someone's world out there.

Until next time! See you in July!

I love you to the moon.


Love Atiya

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