Freaking Vegan: If you’re not passionate about animal rights, does it make sense to go vegan?

Hello you lovely souls!

On today’s installment of Freaking Vegan! I’ll be answering the question “If you’re not passionate about animal rights, does it make sense to go vegan?” From M.

I loveeeeee this question because so many people wonder this same exact thing.

The answer to this question is YES it definitely makes sense to go vegan, even if you aren’t into animal rights.

I was an animal rights activist for most of my life, I was also a meat eater for most of my life but in my mind that didn’t mean I loved animals any less!

Regardless of if you love animals or not, I’m sure (and hope) you have a lot of love for yourself!

Meat and dairy does terrible things to the body... from diabetes to cancer to breathing problems to bloating and aching muscles.

For almost most of my young adult life I had this little gut. Although I was slim, I still had to suck in this tough pouch whenever I’d take a picture. The day I stopped eating meat and laid off on the dairy, the pouch was GONE!

Let’s talk about skin for a moment. From the age 11 to 21 I had horrible acne. Whenever it was “that time of the month” my face would give up on me and explode. As soon as I cut meat and dairy out of my life, not only do I not have major breakouts but my skin has a glow to it now!

According to the documentary What the health, as sighted in an article by

“The egg industry in the US can no longer label eggs nutritious, low fat, part of a balanced diet, low calorie, healthful, good for you, or safe? Eggs have very high cholesterol and fat content. In fact, research shows that eating just 3 eggs or more per week is associated with a significant increase in artery clogging buildup in people's carotid arteries — a strong predictor of stroke, heart attack and death. The research found a similar exponential increase in artery buildup for smokers and egg-eaters.”

What the heck!

The documentary also taught me that Dairy is extremely toxic to the human body.

“Studies have found that dairy boosts the amount of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) in the blood which promotes cancer cell growth.

It's not surprising that milk might affect the growth of cancer cells when you think about the fact that dairy milk's sole purpose is to support the rapid growth of a newborn calf. After the age of weaning, calves (like all mammals) have no need for milk at all. Humans are the only mammals who drink the milk of another species after being weaned.”

It is also a leading factor in breast cancer in women!

Factory farming also damages the quality of life for the humans who live near the plants. In the documentary one women’s family was filled with people with respiratory problems because they lived near the pig farm and the pig waste/feces seeped into their air and property.

There’s a large negative perception of animal activism. Some people believe that you aren’t an activist unless you’re standing outside the zoo with a sign on a stick (it’s also a misnomer that we use sticks at our demos lol.)

Or that you have to go vegan immediately and then break into factory farms and free the animals (that’s ideal but you know... do you!)

But in all actuality, you’re showing activism when you don’t wear fur or when you choose the cloth seats for your car interior. When you buy all cruelty free make-up and feed the homeless kitten on the corner.

You are a compassionate being. The things that are done in order to create this meat and dairy that everyone loves isn’t good for the animals or for us!

So in conclusion, your veganism should and will most likely stem from compassion.

For yourself, for others, for the animals.

Thank you so much for tuning in once again.

You are love and you are loved.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I answer another special question about veganism!


Love Atiya

Random fact:

3,000 animals are murdered every SECOND in factory farms.

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