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How To Masturbate | A Girls Guide To Self Pleasure | MAY 2024

Happy Masturbation Mayyyyyyyyyy My Loves!

Although August is my FAVORITE month (shoutout to my virgos and I GUESS i’ll give love to my Leos, I have a soft spot in my heart for ya’ll) but MAY comes in as a close second because it’s the month of SELF PLEASURE!

Where shall I begin?!

Do you REALLY know how to pleasure yourself?:

It has come to my attention that everyone's mother didn’t buy them a vibrator at the age of 16, I guess that was just my unique experience. I didn’t realize it’s not common knowledge to know how to bring your body pleasure and I think EVERYONE deserves to explore themselves but I understand self exploration without a guide can be a bit intimidating.

That’s why I created my girls guide to masturbation. I don’t have a penis so I can’t give tips from experience for people with P’s BUT I can definitely help as much as I can because again, everyone deserves pleasure. Some of the tips in this guide can very much so help the P people out there as well.

If you want to see my FULL video on part one of my guide to masturbation then you can sign up for the FREE (or paid membership) tier on my patreon to get access to the full lesson. Remember everyone who signs up will be invited to my virtual slumber party this month!

How can you feel more sexually confident?:

In the valentine's day episode of The Love Atiya Experience Podcast we talk about the 46 ways you can turn yourself on because although it’s great to know how to turn your partner on, how liberating is it to know that you’re so in touch, in tune and in love with your body that you were able to turn your own self on & whatever excitement your partner brings is just the cherry on top.

Another way to feel more sexually confident is to write out the shame you’ve put around certain things. For me, I put shame on the faces and noises I’ve made when having sex. Why?! Because I compare it to what I “THINK” I should be sounding like or looking like (aka what I see in porn)

I think having real and honest conversations with ourselves can definitely help us when we’re struggling the most with feeling sexually confident.

Write down what you feel is stopping you from reaching your peak sexual confidence.

Is it an odor? What can you do to heal that?

Is it a lack of partnership? You don’t need that to explore babes!

Is it a lack of experience? How can you change that in a healthy self exploration kind of way?

I’ll leave you all with this tip.

My mom brought me my first vibrator (check out my podcast episode about this featuring my mom) because she wanted to teach me it’s okay and completely unshameful to explore my body before I allow anyone else to explore it. It was important for her, that I teach MYSELF what pleasure feels like before anyone else & that’s a lesson that’s gotten me EXTREMELY far in life.

I hope this month is filled with nothing but love and pleasure for you.


Love Atiya

USE THE CODE: LOVEATIYA for 15% off your sex toy purchase from


The Snail Vibe (Intermediate/Advanced)

The We Vibe (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Namii by Biird Pictured Above (Intermediate)

The Com By Dame (Beginner, Intermediate)

The Vibe Pad 2 (Intermediate/Advanced)


Listening to my sex positive podcast is like listening to your best friend's hour long voicenote. The Love Atiya Experience is definitely an EXPERIENCE.


Featuring episodes:

  • P*ssy Funk & What Your Vulva Odor Means | Dating App Horror Stories

  • The Time He Rushed Me To Cum, Mutual Masterbation Gone WRONG

  • If Your Boo Doesn’t Turn Your Body On | What Is Reactive Abuse | Celibacy Tips


You can click the link above to enjoy all of my podcast shenanigans.


I'm sure this is the main reason why most of you have signed up for my email blast! MY PLEASURE POSITIVE ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC MUSICAL PLAYLIST! These playlists feature all of my favorite songs to masturbate to, plus a few suggestions from some of you beautiful souls! The spotify playlist features my top 50 songs of the month and the apple playlist and PDF playlist will be updated monthly so stay tuned for next months email which will feature brand new suggestions!


Stay Tuned For Next Months Edition + Pleasure Tips.



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