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Breathwork & How It Can Make Sex Better | JUNE 2023

Happy June My Loves,

I had such a blast during our five part masturbation May series and am so excited for this months email!

We talked a lot about breathwork on TikTok this month so let’s really get into it as you know censoring is real and I know some of y’all might’ve missed my tips.

One of the important things to mention is different strokes work for different folks. So holding your breath MAY work for some but I’d like to encourage you to give deep breathing and breathwork patterns a try as it may enhance something that’s already working for you.

You can also incorporate holding your breath into your breath play like how we do with the 7,4,8 method (click here to watch the full video) or the box method (click here to check out my breathwork playlist)

We also talked a lot about partner play and ways to practice breathwork with your partner but what really makes us stop breathing during sex?

One of the most common reasons you may not breathe during sex is due to anxiety.

Think about the last time you may have felt anxious, breathing gets hard and sometimes we might not be conscious of our breath at all!

When I think about my breath in every day life I’ve had to become so much more aware of how I breathe. Sometimes 5 minutes will pass and I’ll take a breath and think “was I not breathing for the last 5 minutes?”

Conscious breathwork is real and can be implemented inside and outside of the bedroom.

Check out my YouTube channel for more tips on how you can create a better masturbation or sex routine when incorporating breath.

Also check out this article from refinery 29 where they reference me as a TikTok genius (but besides that they also talk about the importance of breathwork)

Don’t forget to check out the latest addition to my pleasure playlist (scroll for the link)

I love you to the moon!

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In next weeks episode we talk about the ultimatum queer love, my toxic relationship & more!

You can click the link above to enjoy all of my podcast shenanigans.


I'm sure this is the main reason why most of you have signed up for my email blast! MY PLEASURE POSITIVE ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC MUSICAL PLAYLIST! These playlists feature all of my favorite songs to masturbate to, plus a few suggestions from some of you beautiful souls! The spotify playlist features my top 50 songs of the month and the apple playlist and PDF playlist will be updated monthly so stay tuned for next months email which will feature brand new suggestions!


Stay Tuned For Next Months Edition + Pleasure Tips.



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