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Truths and Myths about Squirting: Is Squirting Pee? | MAY 2023

Truths and Myths about Squirting

SQUIRTING IS NOT URINE and even if it was, so freaking what!

Now that we got that out the way helloooooooo beautiful soul!

The final part of our five part series for Masturbation May will be centered around the mysterious element of squirting.

There’s SOOOOO much to unpack so let’s just start with some simple yes and no questions and answers.

Q. Can every person with a vulva squirt?

A. No.

Q. Is squirting the same as urinating?

A. No.

Q. Do the liquids that come out when you squirt come out of the same place/hole that urine comes out of?

A. Yes.

Q. Is squirting, gushing and creaming all the same?

A. No.

Q. Is squirting gross or nasty?

A. Not at all.

Q. Can you squirt without having an orgasm?

A. You absolutely can.

Now that we got that out the way let’s talk about it.

Have you ever seen the porn videos where women squirt geyser into the air? Fun fact 9/10 they’ve pre-inserted liquids into their vulvas or have drunk an IMMENSE amount of water and trained their bodies to excrete it at the perfect moment.

Now some people really can shoot theirs pretty damn far naturally but 9/10 it’ll be more of a leaky kinda situation.


According to

These Are The Top Squirting Statistics You Should Know:

  • G-spot stimulation is the most popular recommendation for squirting.

  • 78.8% of women and 90.0% of their partners said that squirting enhanced their sex lives.

  • The fluid released when squirting is a mixture of urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostatic-specific antigen (PSA).

  • 19% of women who squirt said it happens nearly every time they have a sexual encounter.

  • Squirting and female ejaculation are two different things that “can happen independently of one another or at the same time.”

  • Between 10% and 54% of women say they have experienced some form of female ejaculation.

My main motivation behind writing this is to debunk all of the myths and lies created about all of the magical things out bodies can do that have been deemed as “gross.” when in turn it’s actually quite fascinating.

I could go ON AND ON AND ON but who really feels like reading that much? So I’ve compacted everything I wanted to say in a PODCAST EPISODE and a YOUTUBE VIDEO. Pick your poison.

This has been an AMAZING Masturbation May.

I hope my tips helped you experience some of the most wonderful, pleasure filled, pressureless orgasms.

But the fun isn’t over… it’s just the 5 part series that’s come to a end. Stay tuned as we go back to our regularly scheduled programs of one email a month filled with sexy pleasure tips, storytimes, updated playlists and sex toy coupons!

I love you to the MOOOOOON and beyond.

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Listening to my sex positive podcast is like listening to your best friend's hour long voicenote. The Love Atiya Experience is definitely an EXPERIENCE.

In next weeks episode we talk IN DETAIL about my first time squiritng, having an orgasm in my sleep and how I feel about eating ass.

You can click the link above to enjoy all of my podcast shenanigans.


I'm sure this is the main reason why most of you have signed up for my email blast! MY PLEASURE POSITIVE ABSOLUTELY ORGASMIC MUSICAL PLAYLIST! These playlists feature all of my favorite songs to masturbate to, plus a few suggestions from some of you beautiful souls! The spotify playlist features my top 50 songs of the month and the apple playlist and PDF playlist will be updated monthly so stay tuned for next months email which will feature brand new suggestions!


Stay Tuned For Next Months Edition + Pleasure Tips.



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